The Moerane Scholarly (or Critical) Edition contains 51 works: 50 a cappella choral works mostly for two (SA), three (SAA), or four voices (SATB), and one symphonic poem for full orchestra. These are the extant works by Moerane discovered so far, although there are probably more than 25 works that are still missing. Each vocal score is sold separately and is a complete score including a title page, on which all the catalogue details are given. The inside front page has an historical introduction to the work and a translation of its text. Then follows the score in dual staff-solfa notation, and the individual work ends with a back page on which the sources used in making the new edition of the score are given, and any editorial issues or problems involved are explained.The scores are listed alphabetically on the 'works' page and by clicking on a work a sample of the first page of the score can be seen together with a few words about the work. From there one can proceed to buy a work. They are offered at an extremely low price so that choirs can afford to download multiple copies for performance. Indeed, it would cost more to photocopy one score than to download enough for a choir. Besides, the composer's descendants are directly involved in this Edition and benefit from every sale; thus, by purchasing scores you are ensuring that the copyright owners are not exploited. Details of where to apply for permission to perform or record a work in order to fulfil copyright obligations are given on the title page.