Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa Critical Edition

Winner of the National Institute for Humanities and Social Sciences 2018 award for “Best Digital Humanities Project for Community Engagement” This edition was first launched in 2015 and was completely revised in 2016 both on this site and as a CD-ROM for publication in SAMUS: South African Music Studies, journal of the South African Society for … Read more

Michael Mosoeu Moerane Scholarly Edition

The Moerane Scholarly (or Critical) Edition contains 51 works: 50 a cappella choral works mostly for two (SA), three (SAA), or four voices (SATB), and one symphonic poem for full orchestra. These are the extant works by Moerane discovered so far, although there are probably more than 25 works still missing. The works can be … Read more

Surendran Reddy Performing Edition

A performing edition of Surendran Reddy’s works (with many free recordings). View the Draft Catalogue of Works. Surendran Reddy was a composer and pianist whose 100+ compositions represent a turbulent period in South Africa’s history, from the end of apartheid through the transitional 1990s to the post-apartheid 2000s. Trained as a classical pianist and harpsichordist, … Read more

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