The Publisher’s Imprint

African Composers Edition (ACE) is a publication imprint that specializes in music by composers in Africa, particularly but not exclusively, South Africa. African sheet music scores are often difficult to obtain and most works do not reach a global market. Some works exist only in manuscript, in tonic solfa notation, or as MIDI files. African Composers Edition (ACE) helps African composers of instrumental and vocal music to achieve greater visibility and recognition by creating attractively produced, critically edited scores for performance or study. The imprint was launched with music for unaccompanied choir by Mohapeloa, presenting vocal scores in two A4 formats: staff notation only, and staff notation with tonic solfa.

Indigenous texts are translated into English and the historical context of songs is given.  The sources used for each song are provided together with critical commentary. All scores have piano reduction added, as a rehearsal aid.

The imprint continues with a Critical Edition of music by Zimbabwean-born composer Surendran Reddy, which is in progress. 

ACE scores are numbered as they will appear in ACE’s Publishers Catalogue, beginning from ACE 001. Each item also has a Composer Catalogue number based on the composer’s initials: JPM 001, JPM002, etc. Each version of a work has a unique International Standard Music Number (ISMN).

ACE scores are formatted as downloadable pdfs complete with title page, publishing details, translation of the lyrics, historical background, the score in open vocal score format, sources, and critical commentary.