African Composers Edition

African Composers Edition (ACE) is an online publication imprint for sheet music by African composers who have not been extensively published before or whose works have not yet been transcribed into staff notation. Scores currently available on the ACE website are the complete works of Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa, presented here as a Critical Edition. A new Critical Edition of works by Surendran Reddy is in progress. ACE publishes in conjunction with the copyright holders of this material and its mission is to serve the composers, their families and communities by making the music available to a global market online. ACE scores are numbered as they appear in our publishers catalogue, beginning from ACE 001, and all have an International Standard Music Number (ISMN).

ACE scores are formatted as pdfs with cover (title) page, publication and copyright details, historical notes, translation of texts where appropriate, sheet music scores, and critical commentary.