Miscellaneous Published and Unpublished Works

Volume VI of the Mohapeloa Critical Edition comprises miscellaneous extant songs from various periods in Mohapeloa’s life that were published separately during his lifetime or remained unpublished at his death. Six of the 17 works in this Volume were previously published in Lesotho, three of them honouring the newly crowned King of Lesotho, Constantinus Bereng Moshoeshoe II: ‘Likhomo Mokoena!’ first appeared in the newspaper Leselinyana le Lesotho in 1960, and ‘Leheshe-heshe’ and ‘Lehlomela la Thesele le Letle- letle’ first appeared in the songbook Binang ka Thabo in 1963. Eben-Ezer, Sefika sa Teboho, and Tlholohelo ea Ntlo ea Molimo were published as separate tonic solfa leaflets and are also ‘occasion’ pieces.

The remaining works were evidently not published and appear to be late works. Five manuscripts are in the possession of Dr Karabo Eric Lekhanya in Maseru while five are with Mrs Ntsiuoa Joyce Mohapeloa in Hlotse. Dr Lekhanya succeeded Mohapeloa as Lecturer in charge of the Music Department at the National Teachers’ Training College in Maseru, and Chaba se Kopane! Liaba, Sechaba se Kopanè, Ho Tho’le Tsoe NTTC, and Phokolang Fela se Matla are all in his private collection. Mrs Mohapeloa, widow of the composer’s eldest son, Maloisane Mohapeloa, inherited the manuscripts of Lesotho Lefa la Rōna, Sehopotso, Tholoana Lerato, and Freedom In Unity (in two versions) after the composer’s death.

Sixteen of the 17 works in Vol. VI are newly transcribed into staff notation here together with translations, notes, and commentaries. Mohapeloa rewrote the choral anthem, Freedom in Unity - O.A.U. Anthem as a piano solo work, adding more elaborate harmonies and putting textual cues onto the stave, which suggests that it was intended as an accompaniment to the choir version. But it is not identical harmonically, and it is treated here as a separate work (and not transcribed into tonic solfa). The works are numbered JPM129 to JPM145 for the composer’s catalogue and ACE257 to ACE288 (odd numbers up to Freedom in Unity for piano and then even numbers) for the publisher’s catalogue. The works in Volume VI are arranged in alphabetical order with no distinction between previously published and unpublished. There are probably many other songs by Mohapeloa that will surface at some point, which will be added to the digital online version of Volume VI as they are verified. The Appendix to this Preface (below the Contents) is an attempt to make a provisional list of these works.

Christine Lucia, December 2016

Works in this volume

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