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tell me where is fancy bred (1983)

Reddy set Shakespeare’s poem from The Merchant of Venice (Act 3 Scene 2) for a student production at the University of Durban-Westville, South Africa, in 1983 (The Merchant of Venice: Programme 1983, 7). He was lecturer in Harmony & Counterpoint at the University at the time, and had already composed a number of works in early styles. He was a harpsichordist and familiar with Renaissance techniques, and expected other musicians to be too, hence his indication ‘Perform in Renaissance style’ at the top of p.1 of the score. The instrumentation is ‘variable’ as he put it on the paper cover of the autograph manuscript (written in black ink on photocopied music paper) ‘e.g. voice, harpsichord + consort of recorders’.


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tell me where is fancy bred

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