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’Mankokotsane is based on a game that children play in Lesotho out of doors when it is raining. Children say or sing a rhyme as they hop in the rain, and in so doing, they learn that work must go on, even when it rains. Indeed, rain is not so common in Lesotho that anyone who lives there can afford to interrupt their work when it rains, especially farmers (who constitute a large majority of the population). The song begins in a leisurely fashion and then speeds up, with catchy syncopated rhythms, several modulations, and soaring melodic lines. In fact, the style is far from child-like and this song could be sung and enjoyed by any adult choir. It is difficult to date this work, but it was prescribed for a competition at some stage because the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) has a version in their library that appears to have come from a competition song book, and has been transcribed into tonic solfa notation. The present ACE version is a completely new transcription based on the composer's original tonic solfa typescript.