gaia – the living earth (vocal score)

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Reddy composed the jaunty, 'clazz' cantata gaia - the living earth in 2001. The libretto by Uli Vollmer is based on extracts from a speech reportedly given by Native American Chief Seathl (after whom the city of Seattle in Washington State is named) in 1854. The libretto exhorts humanity to regard earth and all living beings as Native Americans did in the mid-19th century, when their land was increasingly appropriated, but the text is now more widely applicable and more urgent in its message of "caring for the earth" than ever before. Reddy's music is tuneful and accessible, composed in eight segments (one of which is repeated) to create a work of about 45 minutes in length. It is scored for Baritone and Soprano soloists, SATB choir, and piano accompaniment. There is also an orchestral version available, but the vocal score version is eminently suitable for school or amateur performances, provided the pianist is virtuoso! The midi recordings below give a very good idea of the musical style. The score sample is from page 1 of the complete score: the piano introduction.