Chabana sa khomo (One nation)

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Morija Training College Choir, cond. B. Mashologu. ILAM 78 r.p.m. Shellac record no. CR3032, master no. 1083, recording no. GE142, 1936/37, copied 1951. Published in 1935, this song in call-and-response style scored for STBSTB (TTBTTB here) is based on two folksongs, the main one about tanning the hide of a cow (‘khomo’) to make it into a leather blanket.

We are one nation, a nation of cattle. Moo! Can’t you see when we soften the hide; the cow goes ‘moo’ when we tan the hide. Doesn’t the cow moo when we tan the hide? The owner of the hide is clever. Hey! Meanwhile, some are still softening the hide, they keep softening (it). (MM-S)