Catalogue of Works

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TitleTitle translationACEISMN
U Ea Kae? (vocal score)Where Are You Headed?1001979-0-804001-00-6
U Ea Kae? (vocal score with tonic solfa)Where Are You Headed?2001979-0-804001-01-3
Chabana sa Khomo (vocal score)The Cow Nation3002979-0-804001-02-0
Chabana sa Khomo (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Cow Nation4002979-0-804001-03-7
Kolliana (vocal score)Kolliana5003979-0-804001-04-4
Kolliana (vocal score with tonic solfa)Kolliana6003979-0-804001-05-1
Qeu! Qeu! Majoana (vocal score)‘Knock, Knock’ Go the Pebbles!7004979-0-804001-06-8
Qeu! Qeu! Majoana (vocal score with tonic solfa)‘Knock, Knock’ Go the Pebbles!8004979-0-804001-07-5
Ncencethe (vocal score)Wedding Song9005979-0-804001-08-2
Ncencethe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Wedding Song10005979-0-804001-09-9
Ei, Ei (vocal score)Oh, Oh!11006979-0-804001-10-5
Ei, Ei (vocal score with tonic solfa)Oh, Oh!12006979-0-804001-11-2
Methaka, Emang (vocal score)Friends, Rise Up13007979-0-804001-12-9
Methaka, Emang (vocal score with tonic solfa)Friends, Rise Up14007979-0-804001-13-6
Potla-potla Le Ja Poli (vocal score)Haste Makes Waste15008979-0-804001-14-3
Potla-potla Le Ja Poli (vocal score with tonic solfa)Haste Makes Waste16008979-0-804001-15-0
Lithallera (vocal score)Fine Songs17009979-0-804001-16-7
Lithallera (vocal score with tonic solfa)Fine Songs18009979-0-804001-17-4
Sealolo sa Baroa (vocal score)Dance of the San People19010979-0-804001-18-1
Sealolo sa Baroa (vocal score with tonic solfa)Dance of the San People20010979-0-804001-19-8
Lehlabula (vocal score)Summer21011979-0-804001-20-4
Lehlabula (vocal score with tonic solfa)Summer22011979-0-804001-21-1
Pina ea Batšosi (vocal score)Song of the Scarecrows23012979-0-804001-22-8
Pina ea Batšosi (vocal score with tonic solfa)Song of the Scarecrows24012979-0-804001-23-5
Ha Bo E-sa (vocal score)At the Crack of Dawn25013979-0-804001-24-2
Ha Bo E-sa (vocal score with tonic solfa)At the Crack of Dawn26013979-0-804001-25-9
Phomolo (vocal score)Rest27014979-0-804001-26-6
Phomolo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Rest28014979-0-804001-27-3
Tsohang (vocal score)Wake Up29015979-0-804001-28-0
Tsohang (vocal score with tonic solfa)Wake Up30015979-0-804001-29-7
Lipina tsa Koo Bokone (vocal score)Songs of the Far South31016979-0-804001-30-3
Tumeliso (vocal score)Greetings33017979-0-804001-32-7
Tumeliso (vocal score with tonic solfa)Greetings34017979-0-804001-33-4
Khulu, Phutha Thupa (vocal score)Tongue-twister35018979-0-804001-34-1
Khulu, Phutha Thupa (vocal score with tonic solfa)Tongue-twister36018979-0-804001-35-8
Tselane (vocal score)Tselane37019979-0-804001-36-5
Tselane (vocal score with tonic solfa)Tselane38019979-0-804001-37-2
Mabeoana (vocal score)Young Warriors39020979-0-804001-38-9
Mabeoana (vocal score with tonic solfa)Young Warriors40020979-0-804001-39-6
Tlholohelo (vocal score)Loneliness41021979-0-804001-40-2
Tlholohelo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Loneliness42021979-0-804001-41-9
Chuchumakhala (vocal score)The Choochoo Train43022979-0-804001-42-6
Chuchumakhala (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Choochoo Train44022979-0-804001-43-3
Linyamatsane (vocal score)Wild Game45023979-0-804001-44-0
Linyamatsane (vocal score with tonic solfa)Wild Game46023979-0-804001-45-7
Khorolakoqo (vocal score)Let Everyone Come47024979-0-804001-46-4
Khorolakoqo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Let Everyone Come48024979-0-804001-47-1
’Mutlanyana (vocal score)Hare49025979-0-804001-48-8
’Mutlanyana (vocal score with tonic solfa)Hare50025979-0-804001-49-5
Linonyana (vocal score)Birds51026979-0-804001-50-1
Linonyana (vocal score with tonic solfa)Birds52026979-0-804001-51-8
Sephōkō (Nong ea Lesiba) (vocal score)The Owl (Lesiba Bird)53027979-0-804001-52-5
Sephōkō (Nong ea Lesiba) (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Owl (Lesiba Bird)54027979-0-804001-53-2
Motjoli, Nong Kholo (vocal score)Pied Wagtail, Big Bird55028979-0-804001-54-9
Motjoli, Nong Kholo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Pied Wagtail, Big Bird56028979-0-804001-55-6
Palesa ea Bocha (vocal score)The New Bloom57029979-0-804001-56-3
Palesa ea Bocha (vocal score with tonic solfa)The New Bloom58029979-0-804001-57-0
Tsoha, Moroki! (vocal score)Wake Up, Poet!59030979-0-804001-58-7
Tsoha, Moroki! (vocal score with tonic solfa)Wake Up, Poet!60030979-0-804001-59-4
Ha Ke Na le Morena (vocal score)When I Am With God61031979-0-804001-60-0
Ha Ke Na le Morena (vocal score with tonic solfa)When I Am With God62031979-0-804001-61-7
Khanya (vocal score)Glory63032979-0-804001-62-4
Khanya (vocal score with tonic solfa)Glory64032979-0-804001-63-1
Leeba (vocal score)The Dove65033979-0-804001-64-8
Leeba (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Dove66033979-0-804001-65-5
Phephi, Ngoan’a ‘Mè (vocal score)Pardon Me, My Sibling67034979-0-804001-66-2
Phephi, Ngoan’a ‘Mè (vocal score with tonic solfa)Pardon Me, My Sibling68034979-0-804001-67-9
TY (vocal score)Teyateyaneng69035979-0-804001-68-6
TY (vocal score with tonic solfa)Teyateyaneng70035979-0-804001-69-3
A Re Eeng (vocal score)Songs of the Far South71036979-0-804001-70-9
A Re Eeng (vocal score with tonic solfa)Songs of the Far South72036979-0-804001-71-6
Ha Eso (vocal score)My Home73037979-0-804001-72-3
Ha Eso (vocal score with tonic solfa)My Home74037979-0-804001-73-0
Moshanyana, Se Llele ho Lisa (vocal score)Boy, Don’t Yearn To Herd Yet77039979-0-804001-76-1
Moshanyana, Se Llele ho Lisa (vocal score with tonic solfa)Boy, Don’t Yearn To Herd Yet78039979-0-804001-77-8
Kiri ‘a Tšoana (vocal score)Thunderstorm79040979-0-804001-78-5
Kiri ‘a Tšoana (vocal score with tonic solfa)Thunderstorm80040979-0-804001-79-2
Mapetle a Hukung (vocal score)Hukung’s Delicious Food81041979-0-804001-80-8
Mapetle a Hukung (vocal score with tonic solfa)Hukung’s Delicious Food82041979-0-804001-81-5
Lipapatlele (vocal score)Nomads83042979-0-804001-82-2
Lipapatlele (vocal score with tonic solfa)Nomads84042979-0-804001-83-9
Ma-tsoa-Gaudeng (vocal score)Returning from Gauteng85043979-0-804001-84-6
Ma-tsoa-Gaudeng (vocal score with tonic solfa)Returning from Gauteng86043979-0-804001-85-3
Hook, Haneeu! (vocal score)Stop, Stop!87044979-0-804001-86-0
Hook, Haneeu! (vocal score with tonic solfa)Stop, Stop!88044979-0-804001-87-7
Chao (vocal score)Chao Dance89045979-0-804001-88-4
Chao (vocal score with tonic solfa)Chao Dance90045979-0-804001-89-1
Oa Iteli-telisa (vocal score)Crocodile Tears91046979-0-804001-90-7
Oa Iteli-telisa (vocal score with tonic solfa)Crocodile Tears92046979-0-804001-91-4
Thoko ea Maafrika (vocal score)Praise Song for Africans93047979-0-804001-92-1
Thoko ea Maafrika (vocal score with tonic solfa)Praise Song for Africans94047979-0-804001-93-8
Mo-Afrika, Tsoha (vocal score)African, Arise!95048979-0-804001-94-5
Mo-Afrika, Tsoha (vocal score with tonic solfa)African, Arise!96048979-0-804001-95-2
Moshoashoailane (vocal score)Moshoashoailane97049979-0-804001-96-9
Moshoashoailane (vocal score with tonic solfa)Moshoashoailane98049979-0-804001-97-6
Tsolo La E-sa (vocal score)The Thunder Has Cleared99050979-0-804001-98-3
Tsolo La E-sa (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Thunder Has Cleared100050979-0-804001-99-0
Siu Bo Sele (vocal score)The Night Is Over101051979-0-804002-00-3
Siu Bo Sele (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Night Is Over102051979-0-804002-01-0
Pesaleme ea 103 (vocal score)Psalm 103103052979-0-804002-02-7
Pesaleme ea 103 (vocal score with tonic solfa)Psalm 103104052979-0-804002-03-4
Koli ea Malla (vocal score)The Song of Death105053979-0-804002-04-1
Koli ea Malla (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Song of Death106053979-0-804002-05-8
Jim, Motsoalle oa Ka (vocal score)Jim, My Friend107054979-0-804002-06-5
Jim, Motsoalle oa Ka (vocal score with tonic solfa)Jim, My Friend108054979-0-804002-07-2
Mafeteng (vocal score)Mafeteng109055979-0-804002-08-9
Mafeteng (vocal score with tonic solfa)Mafeteng110055979-0-804002-09-6
Mankanisi (vocal score)Manganese111056979-0-804002-10-2
Mankanisi (vocal score with tonic solfa)Manganese112056979-0-804002-11-9
Sika la Tholo, Khaoha (unison vocal score)Genealogy of Tholo, Break113057979-0-804002-12-6
Sika la Tholo, Khaoha (unison vocal score with tonic solfa)Genealogy of Tholo, Break114057979-0-804002-13-3
’Maborokoane (vocal score)Cape Bunting115058979-0-804002-14-0
’Maborokoane (vocal score with tonic solfa)Cape Bunting116058979-0-804002-15-7
Molepe (vocal score)Widow Bird117059979-0-804002-16-4
Molepe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Widow Bird118059979-0-804002-17-1
Lipshamathe (vocal score)Juicy Stories119060979-0-804002-18-8
Lipshamathe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Juicy Stories120060979-0-804002-19-5
Maseru (vocal score)Maseru121061979-0-804002-20-1
Maseru (vocal score with tonic solfa)Maseru122061979-0-804002-21-8
Senkepeng (vocal score)Senkepeng123062979-0-804002-22-5
Senkepeng (vocal score with tonic solfa)Senkepeng124062979-0-804002-23-2
Obe (vocal score)Obe125063979-0-804002-24-9
Obe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Obe126063979-0-804002-25-6
Coronation March (vocal score)Coronation March127064979-0-804002-26-3
Coronation March (vocal score with tonic solfa)Coronation March128064979-0-804002-27-0
Seho se Llile (vocal score)The Alarm has Sounded129065979-0-804002-28-7
Seho se Llile (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Alarm has Sounded130065979-0-804002-29-4
Nonyana Se-nya-mafi (vocal score)The Prattler131066979-0-804002-30-0
Nonyana Se-nya-mafi (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Prattler132066979-0-804002-31-7
Hlahlasolle (vocal score)The Roamer133067979-0-804002-32-4
Hlahlasolle (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Roamer134067979-0-804002-33-1
Linoto (vocal score)Hammers135068979-0-804002-34-8
Linoto (vocal score with tonic solfa)Hammers136068979-0-804002-35-5
Tholo ea Phera (vocal score)The Kudu Bull137069979-0-804002-36-2
Tholo ea Phera (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Kudu Bull138069979-0-804002-37-9
Molako-lako (vocal score)The Wanderer139070979-0-804002-38-6
Molako-lako (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Wanderer140070979-0-804002-39-3
Mohahlaula (vocal score)The Traveller141071979-0-804002-40-9
Setsokotsane (vocal score)The Whirlwind143072979-0-804002-42-3
Setsokotsane (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Whirlwind144072979-0-804002-43-0
Lesotho (vocal score)Lesotho145073979-0-804002-44-7
Lesotho (vocal score with tonic solfa)Lesotho146073979-0-804002-45-4
Thesele e Mocha (vocal score)The New Thesele147074979-0-804002-46-1
Thesele e Mocha (vocal score with tonic solfa)The New Thesele148074979-0-804002-47-8
Mokhosi oa Afrika (vocal score)The Alarm of Africa149075979-0-804002-48-5
Mokhosi oa Afrika (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Alarm of Africa150075979-0-804002-49-2
Tsohang Maafrika (vocal score)Rise Up, Africans151076979-0-804002-50-8
Tsohang Maafrika (vocal score with tonic solfa)Rise Up, Africans152076979-0-804002-51-5
The Gay Night Birds (vocal score)Subtitled - ‘A Suggestive Title’153077979-0-804002-52-2
The Gay Night Birds (vocal score with tonic solfa)Subtitled - ‘A Suggestive Title’154077979-0-804002-53-9
Tsatsi la Thabo (vocal score)Day of Joy157079979-0-804002-56-0
Tsatsi la Thabo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Day of Joy158079979-0-804002-57-7
Kolo Sena (vocal score)Our School159080979-0-804002-58-4
Kolo Sena (vocal score with tonic solfa)Our School160080979-0-804002-59-1
Serumula (vocal score)The Torch161081979-0-804002-60-7
Serumula (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Torch162081979-0-804002-61-4
Moea oa Leboea (vocal score)The North Wind163082979-0-804002-62-1
Moea oa Leboea (vocal score with tonic solfa)The North Wind164082979-0-804002-63-8
Tšaba-tšaba (vocal score)Tšaba-tšaba Dance165083979-0-804002-64-5
Tšaba-tšaba (vocal score with tonic solfa)Tšaba-tšaba Dance166083979-0-804002-93-5
Potang (vocal score)The Board Game167084979-0-804002-66-9
Potang (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Board Game168084979-0-804002-67-6
Phokojoe e Khoaba (vocal score)Black-backed Jackal169085979-0-804002-68-3
Phokojoe e Khoaba (vocal score with tonic solfa)Black-backed Jackal170085979-0-804002-69-0
Seilatsatsi (vocal score)Seilatsatsi171086979-0-804002-70-6
Seilatsatsi (vocal score with tonic solfa)Seilatsatsi172086979-0-804002-71-3
Liba sa Borata (vocal score)The Well of Borata173087979-0-804002-72-0
Liba sa Borata (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Well of Borata174087979-0-804002-73-7
Tlong, Thaka (vocal score)Come, Friends175088979-0-804002-74-4
Tlong, Thaka (vocal score with tonic solfa)Come, Friends176088979-0-804002-75-1
’Mōpi oa Lefatše (vocal score)Creator of Earth177089979-0-804002-76-8
’Mōpi oa Lefatše (vocal score with tonic solfa)Creator of Earth178089979-0-804002-77-5
Lefatše le Letle (vocal score)The Beautiful Land179090979-0-804002-78-2
Lefatše le Letle (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Beautiful Land180090979-0-804002-79-9
Le Lekaakang (vocal score)How Great181091979-0-804002-80-5
Le Lekaakang (vocal score with tonic solfa)How Great182091979-0-804002-81-2
Thoko ea Tlhōlo (vocal score)Praise of Man’s Victory Over Ignorance183092979-0-804002-82-9
Thoko ea Tlhōlo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Praise of Man’s Victory Over Ignorance184092979-0-804002-83-6
Molelekeng (vocal score)Molelekeng185093979-0-804002-84-3
Molelekeng (vocal score with tonic solfa)Molelekeng186093979-0-804002-85-0
Senqu – The Orange River (vocal score)Senqu – The Orange River187094979-0-804002-86-7
Senqu – The Orange River (vocal score with tonic solfa)Senqu – The Orange River188094979-0-804002-87-4
Liphala (vocal score)Horns189095979-0-804002-88-1
Liphala (vocal score with tonic solfa)Horns190095979-0-804002-89-8
E-eang ka Khotso (vocal score)Go in Peace191096979-0-804002-90-4
E-eang ka Khotso (vocal score with tonic solfa)Go in Peace192096979-0-804002-91-1
Lesotho ’M’a Basotho (vocal score)Lesotho, Mother of the Basotho195098979-0-804002-94-2
Lesotho ’M’a Basotho (vocal score with tonic solfa)Lesotho, Mother of the Basotho196098979-0-804002-95-9
Likano tsa Bacha (vocal score)The Covenant of Youth197099979-0-804002-96-6
Likano tsa Bacha (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Covenant of Youth198099979-0-804002-97-3
Terompeta ea Rōna (vocal score)Our Trumpet199100979-0-804002-98-0
Terompeta ea Rōna (vocal score with tonic solfa)Our Trumpet200100979-0-804002-99-7
Naha ea Linatla (vocal score)Land of Warriors201101979-0-804003-00-0
Naha ea Linatla (vocal score with tonic solfa)Land of Warriors202101979-0-804003-01-7
Lesotho, Tsiketsi sa Tlotla ea Afrika (vocal score)Lesotho Independence Song203102979-0-804003-02-4
Lesotho, Tsiketsi sa Tlotla ea Afrika (vocal score with tonic solfa)Lesotho Independence Song204102979-0-804003-03-1
Moshoeshoe, Tsoha (vocal score)Moshoeshoe, Arise!205103979-0-804003-04-8
Moshoeshoe, Tsoha (vocal score with tonic solfa)Moshoeshoe, Arise!206103979-0-804003-05-5
E, Molimo Ok’o Boloke Motlotlehi le Sechaba (vocal score)God Save His Royal Highness207104979-0-804003-06-2
E, Molimo Ok’o Boloke Motlotlehi le Sechaba (vocal score with tonic solfa)God Save His Royal Highness208104979-0-804003-07-9
Kopano ke Matla (vocal score)Unity is Strength209105979-0-804003-08-6
Kopano ke Matla (vocal score with tonic solfa)Unity is Strength210105979-0-804003-09-3
Temo ea Lifate (vocal score)Planting Trees211106979-0-804003-10-9
Temo ea Lifate (vocal score with tonic solfa)Planting Trees212106979-0-804003-11-6
Sefapano se Sefubelu (vocal score)The Red Cross213107979-0-804003-12-3
Sefapano se Sefubelu (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Red Cross214107979-0-804003-13-0
Ntlholohetsane (vocal score)Radio Lesotho215108979-0-804003-14-7
Ntlholohetsane (vocal score with tonic solfa)Radio Lesotho216108979-0-804003-15-5
Mahlo a Lefatše (vocal score)International Women’s Year217109979-0-804003-16-1
Mahlo a Lefatše (vocal score with tonic solfa)International Women’s Year218109979-0-804003-17-8
Liba-seholo (N.T.T.C.) (vocal score)Mighty Fountain (National Teachers’ Training College)219110979-0-804003-18-5
Liba-seholo (N.T.T.C.) (vocal score with tonic solfa)Mighty Fountain (National Teachers’ Training College)220110979-0-804003-19-2
Kena ka Khotso (vocal score)Enter in Peace221111979-0-804003-20-8
Kena ka Khotso (vocal score with tonic solfa)Enter in Peace222111979-0-804003-21-5
Maloti a Lesotho (vocal score)Lesotho’s Maloti Mountains223112979-0-804003-22-2
Maloti a Lesotho (vocal score with tonic solfa)Lesotho’s Maloti Mountains224112979-0-804003-23-9
Thaba-Bosiu (vocal score)Thaba-Bosiu225113979-0-804003-24-6
Thaba-Bosiu (vocal score with tonic solfa)Thaba-Bosiu226113979-0-804003-25-3
Mokhotlong (vocal score)Mokhotlong227114979-0-804003-26-0
Mokhotlong (vocal score with tonic solfa)Mokhotlong228114979-0-804003-27-7
Butha-Buthe (vocal score)Butha-Buthe229115979-0-804003-28-4
Butha-Buthe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Butha-Buthe230115979-0-804003-29-1
Leribe (vocal score)Leribe231116979-0-804003-30-7
Leribe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Leribe232116979-0-804003-31-4
Hukung (vocal score)Hukung233117979-0-804003-32-1
Hukung (vocal score with tonic solfa)Hukung234117979-0-804003-33-8
Quthing (vocal score)Quthing235118979-0-804003-34-5
Quthing (vocal score with tonic solfa)Quthing236118979-0-804003-35-2
Qachaseneke (vocal score)Qacha’s Nek237119979-0-804003-36-9
Qachaseneke (vocal score with tonic solfa)Qacha’s Nek238119979-0-804003-37-6
Christmas (vocal score)Christmas239120979-0-804003-38-3
Christmas (vocal score with tonic solfa)Christmas240120979-0-804003-39-0
Balisa (vocal score)The Shepherds241121979-0-804003-40-6
Balisa (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Shepherds242121979-0-804003-41-3
Hosanna (vocal score)Hosanna243122979-0-804003-42-0
Hosanna (vocal score with tonic solfa)Hosanna244122979-0-804003-43-7
O, Phokolang (vocal score)Sing Out!245123979-0-804003-44-4
O, Phokolang (vocal score with tonic solfa)Sing Out!246123979-0-804003-45-1
Molimo ke Moea (vocal score with tonic solfa)God Is The Spirit248124979-0-804003-47-5
Molimo ke Moea (vocal score)God Is The Spirit247124979-0-804003-46-8
Silevera le Gauda (vocal score with tonic solfa)Silver and Gold250125979-0-804003-49-9
Silevera le Gauda (vocal score)Silver and Gold249125979-0-804003-48-2
Ahe, Moren’a Khanya! (vocal score with tonic solfa)Hail the King of Glory!252126979-0-804003-51-2
Ahe, Moren’a Khanya! (vocal score)Hail the King of Glory!251126979-0-804003-50-5
Na Le ’Na? (vocal score with tonic solfa)Me Too?254127979-0-804003-53-6
Na Le ’Na? (vocal score)Me Too?253127979-0-804003-52-9
Bukana ea Lipesaleme (Vocal score with tonic solfa)Book of Psalms256128979-0-804003-55-0
Bukana ea Lipesaleme (vocal score)Book of Psalms255128979-0-804003-54-3
Chaba se Kopane! (vocal score)Nation, Unite Together!257129979-0-804003-56-7
Eben-Ezer (vocal score with tonic solfa)Ebenezer13079-0-804003-59-8
Eben-Ezer (vocal score)Ebenezer259130979-0-804003-58-1
Leheshe-heshe (vocal score)Helter-skelter266134979-0-804003-65-9
Leheshe-heshe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Helter-skelter267134979-0-804003-66-6
Lehlomela la Thesele le Letle-letle (vocal score)Thesele’s Beautiful New Shoot268135979-0-804003-67-3
Lehlomela la Thesele le Letle-letle (vocal score with tonic solfa)Thesele’s Beautiful New Shoot269135979-0-804003-68-0
Lesotho Lefa la Rōna (vocal score)Lesotho our Heritage270136979-0-804003-69-7
Lesotho Lefa la Rōna (vocal score with tonic solfa)Lesotho our Heritage271136979-0-804003-70-3
Liaba (vocal score)Wonders137979-0-804003-71-0
Liaba (vocal score with tonic solfa)Wonders273137979-0-804003-71-0
Likhomo Mokoena! (vocal score)Greetings Mokoena!274138979-0-804003-73-4
Likhomo Mokoena! (vocal score with tonic solfa)Greetings Mokoena!275138979-0-804003-74-1
Phokolang Fela se Matla (vocal score)Lead a Powerful Hymn276139979-0-804003-75-8
Phokolang Fela se Matla (vocal score with tonic solfa)Lead a Powerful Hymn277139979-0-804003-76-5
Sefika sa Teboho (vocal score)Monument of Thanksgiving280141979-0-804003-79-6
Sefika sa Teboho (vocal score with tonic solfa)Monument of Thanksgiving281141979-0-804003-80-2
Sehopotso (vocal score)A Landmark282142979-0-804003-81-9
Sehopotso (vocal score with tonic solfa)A Landmark283142979-0-804003-82-6
Freedom In Unity – O.A.U. Anthem for choir (vocal score)Freedom In Unity - O.A.U. Anthem for choir261979-0-804003-60-4
Freedom In Unity – O.A.U. Anthem for choir (vocal score with tonic solfa)Freedom In Unity - O.A.U. Anthem for choir262979-0-804003-61-1
Freedom In Unity – O.A.U. Anthem for pianoFreedom In Unity - O.A.U. Anthem for piano263979-0-804003-62-8
Ho Tho’le Tsoe NTTC (vocal score)In Praise of the National Teachers’ Training College264979-0-804003-63-5
Ho Tho’le Tsoe NTTC (vocal score with tonic solfa)In Praise of the National Teachers’ Training College265979-0-804003-64-2
Sechaba se Kopanè (vocal score)A Nation United!278979-0-804003-77-2
Sechaba se Kopanè (vocal score with tonic solfa)A Nation United!279979-0-804003-78-9
Shoeshoe tsa Moshoeshoe (vocal score)Moshoeshoe’s Marigolds284979-0-804003-83-3
Shoeshoe tsa Moshoeshoe (vocal score with tonic solfa)Moshoeshoe’s Marigolds285979-0-804003-84-0
Tholoana Lerato (vocal score)The Fruit of Love286979-0-804003-85-7
Tholoana Lerato (vocal score with tonic solfa)The Fruit of Love287979-0-804003-86-4
Tlholohelo ea Ntlo ea Molimo (vocal score)Longing for the House of God288979-0-804003-87-1
Tlholohelo ea Ntlo ea Molimo (vocal score with tonic solfa)Longing for the House of God289979-0-804003-88-8