This edition could not have been completed without the generous financial assistance of the Andrew Mellon Foundation, New York and infrastructural support from Stellenbosch University, both of whom I heartily thank. I am particularly indebted to the Director of the African Open Institute for Music, Research and Innovation, Professor Stephanus Muller, for his belief in … Read more

List of Sources for Preface, General Introduction, Catalogue & Biography

Brukman, Jeffrey. 2007. ‘Kárpáti’s “Mistuning” Theory Reconsidered in the Context of Bartók’s “Supradiatonicism” and Friedrich Hartmann’s “Fully Chromaticized Scales.’ Ex-tempore: A Journal of Compositional and Theoretical Research XIII(2), Spring/Summer 2007, [n.p.]., accessed 12 May 2020. De Jager, Mr. 1969. Telex to Yvonne Huskisson, 8 May. Johannesburg: Southern African Music Rights Organisation, Yvonne Huskisson Collection … Read more

Sources of Information for the Catalogue

Source 1 Moerane signed and returned ‘Two Deeds of Assignment’ of his music to the Southern African Music Rights Organisation (SAMRO) when he joined this royalty collection agency in 1973 (Roos 1973). Gideon Roos, the first head of SAMRO also notes that Moerane returned notification forms ‘with the details of 65 compositions composed and/or arranged … Read more

General Introduction

Moerane’s Music and This Edition Moerane’s choral music constitutes the bulk of his output. It belongs to a genre whose beginnings have been ascribed to John Knox Bokwe in 1875 (Olwage 2010/2011), building into a choral tradition that now boasts hundreds of composers (Huskisson 1969; Lucia 2008, 11-12). Like his contemporaries, Moerane was inspired by … Read more


This is the first published edition of all the extant compositions by South African-born Sotho composer Michael Mosoeu Moerane (1904-1980). Moerane may have composed as many as 87 works between the 1930s and the 1970s, the majority of them for unaccompanied choir to Sesotho, isiXhosa or English texts. Manuscripts or typescripts of only 51 of … Read more

List of Sources

List of Sources (download as PDF) African Music Society. [n.d., 1948a]. Form of Application for Membership. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Museums and Archives, P.R. Kirby Collection, file BC750/A. African Music Society. [n.d., 1948b]. List of Members at 30th April 1948. Cape Town: University of Cape Town Museums and Archives, P.R. Kirby Collection, file BC750/A. Ballantine, Christopher. 1993. Marabi Nights: Early South African Jazz and Vaudeville. Johannesburg: Ravan Press. Bent, Ian. 2002. ‘Steps to Parnassus: Contrapuntal Theory in 1725: Precursors and Successors’. The … Read more

General Introduction to the Mohapeloa Critical Edition

Download this page as a PDF An African critical edition This Critical Edition brings together for the first time most of the music written by composer Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa (1908-1982).[1]Evidence exists for more works than are included here, but authentic versions have yet to been found (see the end of the Catalogue of Works by J.P. … Read more

Pronunciation Guide

Pronunciation Guide to the Sesotho Texts in the J.P. Mohapeloa Critical Edition (download as PDF) This guide is not a definitive document but a ‘rough guide’ to a language that has tricky pronunciation issues and is known to few people outside southern Africa. Sesotho home-language speakers themselves do not always agree about spelling or pronunciation, … Read more

Publications by Mohapeloa

Meloli le Lithallere tsa Afrika I [African Songs and Extemporary Harmonizations book 1]. Foreword by Akim. L. Sello, Preface by J.P. Mohapeloa. Morija, Lesotho: Morija Sesuto Book Depot. 1935; 1853; 1977; 1983; 1988. [32 songs] Meloli le Lithallere tsa Afrika II. Morija, Lesotho: Morija Sesuto Book Depot. 1939; 1945; 1955; 1980; 1996. [32 songs] Meloli … Read more

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