Recordings of/by Reddy

Surendran Reddy’s own performances are preserved on hundreds of recordings that he made from the late 1970s until he died in 2010. Some are studio quality; some are informal recordings of live concerts; some are enhanced audio files made in Sibelius by re-notating a finished work with added tempi changes and expression, in order to get a better idea of how a composition would sound in performance; others are home recordings, which often carry with them the intimate aura of spaces he lived or worked in and instruments he used.

Two commercially released solo CDs by Surendran Reddy are Reddy, Steady, Go! (1994) and Rough'n reddy (1996), available commercially on

In addition, there are a number of recordings by other performers, of Reddy's work.

The complete recordings are gradually being uploaded here, by kind permission of Heike Asmuss. Please be aware that this section is under development and that additional recordings will appear periodically.