Reddy Critical Edition

The list on the Sales-Scores page Surendran Reddy Complete Critical Edition shows all works to be included in the Reddy Critical Edition, in order of composition. Surendran Reddy (1962-2010) composed more than 100 works between 1978 and 2010, which are gradually being uploaded here. His early works from the 1970s-80s show how he explored Baroque, Romantic and Serial styles and experimented with electronics, and mature works from the 1990s onwards show his immersion in the crossover idiom he called ‘clazz’. A rhythmically complex style of composition drives his music, which is largely tonal and often virtuosic (he was a virtuoso keyboardist), and sometimes includes improvisation. Many different versions of works in progress have survived, which this edition has taken into account in preparing new scores: handwritten autographs, computer files from different eras, and recordings. Each score is presented with a historical background and critical commentary explaining why one particular version is considered authoritative.