Linoto, SAT(AT)B, JPM 068

Composer: Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa
Work title: Linoto
Work title translation: Hammers
Instrumentation: SAT(AT)B
Score: vocal score
vocal score with tonic solfa
Work No.: JPM 068
Composition date: 1947


This song written during World War II is about a factory called the British Mining Supply Company "where they made army trucks and bombs”, according to the composer, a factory to which the workers invited him while he was living in Johannesburg and which the owners gave him "special permission to observe and write about”. The repeated notes and the voices imitating metallic noises and the banging of hammers give a wonderful impession of an industrial environment. A nice touch is that the Sesotho word for hammers, 'Linoto' (pronounced 'Dinoto') also means musical notes.