African Composers Edition

View of Morija (Lesotho) from Mokhoarane, 2006African Composers Edition (ACE) is an online publication imprint drawing critical attention to neglected or unpublished South African composers of colour. Two composers are currently available: Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa in a Complete Critical Edition of 145 scores, and Surendran Reddy in a new Performing Edition due for completion in 2018. A third composer, Michael Mosoeu Moerane, will be represented by a Complete Critical Edition towards the end of 2020. ACE publishes in collaboration with copyright holders and helps composers, families and communities by making music easily available at very low cost and to a global market.

ACE scores are numbered in the publishers catalogue from ACE 001 onwards, and also have composer's work numbers and International Standard Music Numbers. View scores by Mohapeloa here.

ACE scores are formatted as pdfs with title page, publication and copyright details, a note on the work, and translation of texts where necessary. For the Mohapeloa Critical Edition, historical notes and a critical commentary on sources, are provided for each work.