African Composers Edition

View of Morija (Lesotho) from Mokhoarane, 2006African Composers Edition (ACE) is an online publication imprint drawing critical attention to neglected or unpublished South African composers of colour.

Mission Statement

The mission of African Composers Edition (ACE) is to serve African composers and African music by professionally editing and typesetting sheet music previously available only in manuscript or unedited form, or in tonic solfa notation that few choirs worldwide can read.

ACE aims to give African music global visibility by making it available online as critically edited performing scores.

ACE also aims to produce recordings of historical or contemporary performances of this music.

ACE works closely with the families who own the music as intellectual property, who are consulted about the edition, and who receive a percentage of sales.

Critical Editions and Performing Editions

ACE publishes both critical editions and performing editions. Our critical editions aim to present scholarly new versions of musical works through a process of critical editing that involves consulting all sources and presenting the new version together with detailed scholarly ‘apparatus’: historical introductions, explanatory footnotes, editorial comments, critical commentary on the differente sources used.


Road from Maseru to Morija, October 2006African Composers Edition — ACE — was founded in 2012 by Christine Lucia while she was Extraordinary Professor in the Department of Music at the University of Stellenbosch. Her initial aim in establishing this imprint was to produce a Complete Critical Edition of the works of Sotho composer Joshua Pulumo Mohapeloa (1908-1982). Dr Lucia’s interest in Mohapeloa began in 1989 and after meeting the composer’s daughter-in-law, Mrs Ntsiuoa Joyce Mohapeloa in y2006 she made her first visit to Lesotho, where the composer was born and where he spent most of his life.

The Imprint

Sample of U ea kae? score in staff notation with tonic solfa (ACE002)African Composers Edition (ACE) is a publication imprint that specializes in music by composers in Africa, particularly but not exclusively, South Africa. African sheet music scores are often difficult to obtain and most works do not reach a global market. Some music exists only in manuscript, in tonic solfa notation, or as MIDI files. African Composers Edition (ACE) helps African composers of instrumental and vocal music to achieve greater visibility and recognition by creating attractively produced, critically edited scores for performance or study. The imprint was launched with music for unaccompanied choir by Mohapeloa, presenting vocal scores in two A4 formats: staff notation only, and staff notation with tonic solfa.

The Editor

Christine LuciaChristine Lucia was born in London and read music at Oxford (St Anne’s College, 1965-1968), completing a post-graduate certificate in higher education at Durham University in 1969. She completed a Licentiate in Piano Performance through the Royal Academy of Music in 1971 and emigrated to South African in 1974.